Surrey substitute teacher charged with trafficking

A Surrey substitute teacher has been suspended after being charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and trafficking.
Eugenio Alfonso Bahamonde, 41, will next be in court on the charges Jan. 16.
 Richmond RCMP Cpl. Sherrdean Turley said that Mounties witnessed what they believed was a hand-to-hand drug transaction near an elementary school in Vancouver Nov. 7 while working on an unrelated property crime  investigation.
 “A vehicle approached the area at which time the plainclothes officers watched as the driver of the vehicle appeared to make a drug transaction with a pedestrian.  The driver was also seen smoking what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette,” Turley said in a release.  “The vehicle drove away & was pulled over in a neighboring parking lot where the driver was arrested & issued a 24 hour driving prohibition.  A search incidental to arrest revealed marijuana and evidence of drug trafficking.”
 Bahamonde told police he was a teacher as they were arresting him.

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